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FS: Dana 44 Rear Axle and Matching SWB Driveshaft - MN


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I've got a rear MJ Dana 44 axle and matching driveshaft out of an '87 short box. I cracked open the cover to find that the gear ratio is 3.54, everything turns very well, the gears look amazing, and that the fluid has been changed somewhat recently (no milk shake where oil should be). The truck had 96,000 original miles but it was used as a plow truck since the early '90s... I'm sure you'll noticed that the housing and tubes are a bit crusty but it still has good bones. I'm sure the brakes need to be gone through as I haven't opened either of the drums. One of the studs needs to be replaced as one of the lug nuts was welded on... who would do that, right? For what? Anyhow, to get the wheel off, I just cut the nut off with a torch.






For both the axle and driveshaft, I'm asking $300. Local pick up, please. So, shoot me a PM if you need anything else. Hey, thanks guys!

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