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AX15 crossmember

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I found a ax15 tranny from a 1989 Comanche, but the JY does not have the tranny mount or cross member.


is there a way I can get around this? I had the ba10 and I hear the ax15 sits about an inch lower.. can I put a spacer on my current cross member as a temporary fix till I can get the correct cross member? or is there a better way to get around that problem..


does anyone have one i can buy?


as for the Comanche the JY crushed it not too long ago, or so I was told :(

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Yeah, you can put a spacer between the crossmember and the framerail, which is essentially a T-case drop kit. I would still keep an eye out for the AX-15 crossmember. It seems odd that they're so hard to find, even though the AX-15 was used in the XJ for a decade...And I'm 95% sure the NV3550 uses the same crossmember as the AX-15.

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