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wiring stuff... REALLY not happy.

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alright, so i have a set of 6x9s in little boxes i was going to wire in place of my rear cab speakers...


well, i have no carpet and can see the wires running into the panel, on the passenger side its a small wire loom with 5 wires in it, on the drivers side its MUCH thicker.


so i cut the passenger side (assuming theres only 2 wires for the speaker) there's 5... no biggy, 3 of them (?) must go to the dome light (that doesnt work) so it doesnt bother me any to cut that anyways, the dome light doesnt work on that side.


snip the wires, get ready to splice the new speaker in on that side... THE @#(*&(^@ radio won't turn on!?! the power was OFF key OUT when i cut the wires, they never crossed with the power on, the fuse is GOOD, checked power at the fuse it's good, power everything else, unit will not even turn on!!


also, the left side dome light (the one that works) won't turn on either!


so i splice the 5 wires ALL back together and still nothin. (this radio worked perfect 5 minutes before this...


WTH is going on?! i can't figure this out!


helppp please!

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well i checked the dome light fuse and that one had popped, so i replaced it and viola! dome light comes on, and the lil red wire has power... :mad: :mad: :headpop: what shuold i do?


i don't have the keys to pull out the radio with so i can't check it out...


:mad: :cry:

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well, i guess it just wanted to be a little cry baby for a while and really get at my nerves...


i went out, turned the key and viola. radio (with NO MORE PRESET STATIONS grrr) :brows:


can't complain bout that though... just glad it came back on.


thanks anyways.

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LR speaker is green/white stripe and black/yellow stripe

RR speaker is brown and black/yellow stripe


do you not have factory rear speakers?


ive got factory rears, but i didnt wanna rip apart the trim to get them out... i did on the drivers side, but that's just cause i fubar'd the other side.


my speaker wires (factory) were different than that...


RR had an all white (hot) wire, and a black w/no stripe (ground)

LR had green w/black (hot), and black w/green (ground)


at first i had wired RR to the wrong ground, and it was causing all sorts of problems, (was groudned to the lights ground wire which was black w/white stripe in my year) and when i turned the dome on it popped, and the unit was not real happy (didnt turn on, or turned on but didnt play...)


put it on the other ground and all is good now, both of them play GREAT!

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