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Jeep dealership IPL's and parts manuals

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Need parts illustrations/diagrams/part #'s for your Jeep? Go here....


http://www.xjjeeps.com/tech_reference.a ... ion=2&ID=0


FYI...the 1988-1990 manual is mislabeled. It is actually 1987-1990.


Lots of info on lots of models (J series, XJ/MJ/ZJ/YJ/CJ/TJ......)


I finally found out the part number for the alternator bracket I need to install OBA on my MJ :D thanks to that site!



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I am, but my MJ didn't come with AC originally. I have the compressor, compressor bracket, and extra idler pulley, but I found out the hard way that there are 2 different types of alternator brackets for the 2.5....one with AC and one without. I haven't been able to find an '87-'90 2.5 with AC down here in the junkyard to pull parts from, so I'm gonna see what they cost from the dealership (gaaaah!) There's actually a main bracket, and two smaller brackets in the rear also, that I need.


(what's worse is that it has to be '87-'90....the 91+ is a different alternator (externally regulated via the ECU) and mounts in a different location). Like looking for a needle in a haystack....

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