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The MJ is going to the paint shop tomorrow!!

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So after a month of hard work, the MJ will be a lot less fugly than when I started on it!


I picked this 89 4.0/AW4/NP231/SWB up for $250 from a good friend.


I got it running with a new Bosch fuel pump and got it home. It was leaking oil from every gasket/seal so I just yanked the motor and went through it. With 162 on the ticker it was in great shape but gunked up badly inside and out! So I cleaned the engine, installed new gaskets/seals and cleaned painted the engine bay.


It runs great! Gotta love a RENIX :yes:


So I decided to convert it over to a open system and to R134a AC, that went smooth using all 96 XJ parts from our parts Jeep.


Then went in the interior! I dropped in the 96 XJ carpet, seats and center console. I bought a SMS headliner for it as well. I dropped in a XJ full cluster and used the ididit gear indactor


Then I raised it up! I used OME 930 front springs with spacers, RE superflex LCA's and trackbar in the front, HellCreek AAL's and TeraFlex 1.5 shackles in the rear as well as a swapped in 29 spline 8.25 using Barnes 4WD D-60 perches. Put on 4 31x10.50 Firestone Destination AT's on soft "8's" and called it good.


I had it lifted the way I wanted it and it was running great so it was time to make look "better". I took it to a local bedliner shop and they sprayed the rust free bed with some semi-gloss black and installed a black powder-coated tool box.


So now its off to paint tomorrow :banana:


I will get it shot the same color as my 09 Hemi Commander, MOPAR bright silver metalic, all of the trim with be semi-gloss black.


I ordered a FEY rear step bumper and a Rigidco front bumper to finish it off.


I also have a set of 86 "Comanche" side badges for it and the tailgate "JEEP" in black as well. I have a full set of factory skids for it that will go on after paint.


The last "Fugly" picture of the MJ, the next one will look real damn good jamminz.gif


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