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Side cluster lights and Low Gas light?

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1. Need help identifying what bulb sizes these are. They're the bulbs on the information display to the left of the cluster.



2. Also wondering where you guys get replacements for these and the 194's. Most of the auto shops around here want $5 for just TWO 194's! :eek: I want to go ahead and put new bulbs in all of the spots since I don't ever want to have to take this cluster out of the truck when I put it in.


3. Lastly, I was wondering if the "You need to pull into a gas station and get some gas right now you moron" light ever needs to be replaced? I know it's probably a silly thing to ask, but I always wondered if it did (considering it's on 75% of the time in my friend's 93 XJ since he hardly ever puts more than 10$ of gas at a time in it :rotf: )

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