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Interesting morning


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Had a very interesting morning. My neighbor works for the BLM and trains horses on the side. Also works very close with the Adopt a Mustang program prisoner training program at Canon City. They use helicopters to help in rounding up wild mustangs so besides being accustomed to noises, trucks, motorcycles, ATV'S and what ever else is needed the BLM horses must be scare proof against any possibility of any kind of distraction, helicopters included. So this morning they had some training scheduled but alas, the helicopter was unavailable. I receive a phone call. "Jim, Can you buzz a herd in your Stearman?" Since I'm looking for any excuse to go flying so naturally I'm available. Get the details, location and I'm off. Made 5 passes and everything was looking good so decided to make the last one 'special' and head home. I guess it was. Witnesses swear that if Bob hadn't dove head first out of the saddle the wing tip would have knocked him out of it. They still haven't found or caught the horse. Sometimes ya just can't win for trying to hard. I really didn't think I was THAT close.

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