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Identifying Cam/Synch Sensor problem ODB1 1991 HO Comanche

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The Comanche just stopped on the highway. It fired back up, but quickly started to have starting problems. Had fuel but no spark. Pulled the code it was DTC-11. So I thought no problem. It is the CPS, (again). Replaced it - still had the problem. Did the continuity tests, everything checked out. So I found that you can test power on the back of the CPS sensor (orange wire) It should read 8.9v or so with the ignition on. When you crank it should stay there. If it drops down to under 1v then the cam/synch sensor is shot. So I replaced that and she fired right up. Just thought this might be useful to somebody one day.

As a side note to check continuity in the CPS circuit Orange is power for both the CPS and cam/synch sensor. It comes from pin 7 on the engine controller. Black/Gray is Pin 24 which is the CPS pulse. Pin 44 is the CAM/Synch Sensor pulse. So pull the engine controller plug. You should have continuity between pin 7 on the controller and the orange wire on both the cam/synch sensor and the CPS. You should also have continuity between Pin 44 and the black/Tan wire on the cam/synch sensor. Test continuity between pin 24 and the gray/black wire on the CPS. Finally test continuity between the black/light blue wire on the CPS and cam/synch sensor and pin 4 on the controller. You can also use 24 and 44 to check pulse. When performing continuity unplug the TPS and IAC, coolant temp and MAP sensors to make sure the test is clean.

Hope this helps somebody one day.

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