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Water leaking in!

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Every time it rains whether the truck is still, or driving there seems to always be a puddle of water that forms in the passenger side floor. I parked the truck and ran a hose to the spots where it seemed it could leaked, and fixed it but the next time it rained the same thing happened to a smaller degree. My window seals are semi broken but still on there, could that somehow make it into the truck?



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there are a dozen locations for water to get in to our trucks. I used the baby powder trick to find mine. sprinkle it around in the suspect area and hit the truck with the hose. the water will make little trails through the powder, allowing you to backtrack to the source. :thumbsup: no guarantees though, as sometimes it takes real rain to cause the leak (or in the case of the one leak in my 88, rain and wind from a certain direction). or it might be like my 86, where the windshield seal was leaking at the top and the water was traveling inside the A-pillar and down to the floor. might never have found that one if the A-pillar trim wasn't missing.

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