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gas gauge, need help asap

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the gauge on my comanche is broke, its stuck on full. i've tryed the whole fill it up and count the miles method and what not. i've ran outta gas going on 5 times now and i've only had the truck since november. anyone know what it might be, what parts i may need to order and an thing else. any help would be apperciated greatly.


its an 88 laredo v6 4.0L long bed

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Is it right on full, or way past?


Are your wipers, heat, radio and anything else electronic working ok?


Renix's don't like wonky power. if there's an issue with your alternator or battery, the fuel gauge won't read right, the heat and wipers will lag and your low beams will be extremely dim.


if its right on full, well. mine doesn't work period so I just carry a 5gal jerry can in case of a run-out.

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Sounds like a bad ground same thing that happend to mine. I had a bad ground to the fuel pump from the previous owner splicing in trailer lights. the fuel pump ground wire runs into the taillight wireing and is grounded to the bed behind one of the taillights. who knows why jeep wired it this way :nuts:

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