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2" BB results

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Just finished a 2" boost with spacers and shackles thanks to the info and help on this site. Overall I am pleased with the results. This was my first time messing with Jeep suspension and I must say I like leaf sprung front axles a lot better but I'm sure I just need some more experience. Gain was 1.25" in the rear and 2" in the front, as measured at the top of the body.



A few pics



Stock shackle length 4.5" eye to eye





Chevy drop shackle 7.75" eye to eye. I had to grind the busing down about 1/8" on each side to fit in the hanger and use nice thick fender washers to shim the leaf end (one on each side of the spring).




























Pics are with 30x9.50s. 31x10.50s to come in the next couple of weeks. Should I keep these wheels? I am thinking good ol black steelies. What do you all think?

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