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List of current problems with my "new" 88...

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Ok guys, I'm new here and could use some help. I just picked up a 88 "Big Ton" Comanche "something"... Vin #1JTMP65R 0JT238338. I do not know the particular package I have other then the following:


Cost: $200

198,000 miles

Long bed (7')


4.0 L AMC 242

Aisin AW-4 Tranny

Dana 44 rear end


I do not know what Trim Package I have because someone Maaco'd the original red paintjob and ripped off all of the emblems. She dose have nice looking chrome trim on the sides though...


I cannot get the E-Brake indicator light to go off


I hate the dash with no guages... All it has is a gas guage and a speedometer, everything else is an idiot light. I live by my Tach and OPG in my ZJ.


No night lighting behind the dashboard or radio lcd, and no its not a fuse, I checked.


Busted passenger side leaf in the leaf spring. (debating whether to weld it or replace the whole set)


Renix control board laying on the floor, some mook took it off to test it and never put it back, I have no idea how to get it back on it's bracket.


Window crank on drivers side stripped out a little.


Trying to decide on the best looking "commercial grade" all terrain tires to put on her.


Want to replace the handle on the tailgate, mine's rotted almost completely through despite the tailgate being in rust free condition... go figure.


So if anyone has any ideas about the above stuff let me know, I cannot wait to get her on the road. She'll be my work truck from here on out once she gets back on her wheels.

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The dash lighting is usually a headlight switch or bad ground behind the gauge cluster. Have you checked the bulbs.


The brake indicator could be low fluid, a leak or simply an open circuit AT the e-brake. It's gotta make contact at the foot pedal when on/no contact when off. You could be missing a part down there under the dash.


I'd replace both spring packs, I (personally) would not weld it...it broke once...why chance it?

You can get stock springs at junkyard OR <$300 NEW. Not necessarily lift springs but OEM.


You can easily swap out gauge clusters so that you have tach, oil pressure, temp, alt and small gas gauge. All the wiring is there. You just have to get the correct senders for temp and oil pressure. Tach will plug right in. Scan the JY for parts you need.

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If you have a tail light out, your dash lights will not work (to alert you to the tail light out).

The computer is a PITA but doable. Remove the lower dash to lessen the PITA factor. If you can remove the brackets and then mount the whole assembly, it will be easier.

Grab a window crank from any XJ Cherokee or order from Teamcherokee.com

There is a thread on here somewhere about a member that fabricated his own tailgate handle. Check the DIY section.


Oh, and WELCOME to CC. :cheers:

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