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Power steering pump return hose

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Mopar part discontinued,haven't checked NAPA, its a rubber return hose,maybe formed,what can be used if not available? Thanks


Then check NAPA. They have a web site. And yes, it's formed. But since you do not ID what MJ year/model/engine/ etc. etc. It's tough to give an answer.........


Put the data in your signature old man for future reference. :D

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Edelmann P/N 80402 $6.76


There wasn't a pre-made formed line listed for an 88 4.0L, however it *was* listed under a 92 4.0L. Both models list/use the same power steering pump. Rockauto has great prices but sometimes they don't list the part you need for a specific vehicle model, even if they do have it in stock. Sometimes you have to search for a similiar drivetrain/model to find the part you need. For instance, I needed a power steering pulley for my 91 2.5L MJ. They didn't have one listed for a 91 Comanche, but did list one for a 91 Cherokee with the same engine.

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