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vaccum line routing on a 96 4.0

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ok so ive been doing a 96 HO swap into the mj. motor in and all that good stuff. one it got fuel, fired up just fine. i still have open vaccum lines/connections missing. thought i kept and labeled everything but wasnt ggod enough. once i hooked the master cylinder up it somewhat struggles starting- 1st time will just turn over, turn off then back on and it fires right up.....


my main questions are does anybody have a 96 cherokee that they can take a few helper pictures for me? where the AC lines go into the fire wall i have a black line that I'm unsure of where it goes. i plugged it into a line i had coming from the intake manufold and it ran then stumbled and died. now its unplugged but the truck can't idle or run? here's a pic


i connected this





to this. apparentley it doest go to this, so I'm also curiouse to what goes to the line on the intake manifold.







this is a vaccum line that i had on the motor and connected to "AC" vaccum line to intake. i believe it goes off of the cruise control..... but after that I'm lost. i also have the cannister that is on the passanger side of the bumper, yet the end of this line is too small to fit on there.


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Going to have to talk you thru it. Got tired of fighting with photo bucket.

In the second pic, there is a vacuum line running from it to the 'T' your holding in the first pic..It runs along the top of the firewall. You were correct in that assumption.

From the 'T' it runs down the fender well to another 'T' by the cruise control. A short line runs from this 'T' to the cruise control.

The line then continues to the vacuum tank behind the front bumper.

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does it go to anything or have another line running to it? very odd, i put around 3 gallons of gas in the tank when i tried starting it a few weeks ago, and have only let it run for a little. lastnight when i plugged a vaccum line into that little black line it ran then died, tried unplugging the CPS, blew some air into the black line incase it was a valve that got sucked closed, reveresed a few other lines, checked spark plug connections, kept turning over then stumbling then died, got mad and thought of lighting it on fire. after all that i dumped another gallon of gas in and it fired right up lol if i hadnt of plugged that line in, i probably would have checked fuel first lol


edit: re-read your post and that answered my question. the first pic is just a 90* elbow, but i get that it goes intake manifold to black elbow, cruise control, to vaccum cannister on the bumper, thanks. looks like i need some more fittings and maybe a little more line now

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