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drive shaft

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I'm going to be puting a slip yoke ilimnater on my 2 door xj its a l6 aw4 np231

and wanted to know if i could use a front cv drive shaft in the rear

thnks jon


Some combinations the length will work, but the front driveshaft is not strong enough for a rear axle. A close friend of mine tried that, made it the 90 minute highway drive to the offroad park, then twisted the driveshaft in half within 5 minutes past the gate. Drove home in 4wd (front wheel drive), got another (also front) driveshaft, went back the next day and this one lasted 20 minutes on the trail. Same result.


That was last August. He ordered a Tom Woods driveshaft and it has been fine ever since.


Get a correct driveshaft made, if the length is right carry a front shaft as a spare to get you off the trail and/or home.

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