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New engine...won't start

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Even after replacing my bad CPS, I still can't get the engine to start. After a few seconds it briefly catches for a brief split second, then nothing. Has good fuel psi, spark, coil is good, new cap, rotor, wires, new injectors, etc... Ran a compression test which was less than encouraging.


1) 132 psi

2) 120 psi

3) 142 psi

4) 150 psi


I know I quadruple checked my timing chain when I put it on, and I pulled the valve cover tonight and watched both valves close at TDC. Distributor is properly indexed and pointing to #1 terminal at TDC. Is it possible I screwed up the timing chain? Any ideas because I'm completely out.....:wall:

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I did some reading and supposedly I shouldn't worry too much about the compression being a bit low since the rings haven't been broken in. Makes sense to me anyways. Is it possible the cam sensor / pickup coil in the distributor is bad?

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I only had enough time last night to test wiring. Going to test injectors today but I'm pretty sure they are firing. Plugs smelled of gas when I pulled them. For the 2.5L my FSM says the rotor is slightly past the 3'oclock position at TDC. In this configuration, my rotor is lined up directly to the #1 terminal.


partsmj, you say it goes slightly before #1 (3'oclock)


Chilton says 6'oclock position. :huh???:


FSM says 3:30'ish.



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Took the timing cover off today, verified cam was properly set. Put the oil slinger on while I was in there, looks like I forgot to install it the first time. :shake: Set the distributor for just past 3'oclock and it still wouldn't start. Took distributor apart and noticed the inside of the rotor mount (the part the passes the pickup sensor) was really rusty. Took a wire wheel to it, re-installed and SUCCESS!


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