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Best Way To Clean The CCV Line...?

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The small tube at the back of the block (just in case I have the CCV and PCV mixed up. Been reading too many threads on the subject tonight umn.gif )


Just wanted to know what's the best way to clean that line, (other than ordering a new part from Nappa etc.) I've read about taking apart the head and scrubbing the orifices and baffle down, but I'm not too sure about all that. I've also read someone posted on here about using weed-eater cable to unclog the line....? :hmm:


Also, if I took these things apart, does the CCV line just pull right out? or do I have to carefully unhinge it from something? Same question goes with the air hose line in the front.

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When I did mine, (on a 4.0 liter but should be similar I think) I used The weed whacker line stuff. I also sprayed lots of degreaser, brake cleaner, carcleaner and any thing else i could find. Make sure the little nozzle thing on the one end isn't restricted, it can be hard to tell some times. Using a compressor helped alot too.


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