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4bt conversion...costs and tech

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I'm looking into a 4bta swap right now.


The engine tech isn't a problem for me...I'm a diesel mechanic, these things are easy.


that said...what should I be looking for as far as a transmission, and what can I expect to invest in the conversion.


other specs of the truck are 5.5-6.5" lift, ford hp44 front (driver's drop...), 9" rear, tires unknown, gears TBD. the purpose of the truck is utilitarian light abuse.


now, before you respond....keep in mind that I'm not doing this with the idea that I'm going to save money on fuel. I will, but it will take not outweigh the costs of the conversion. the conversion is done solely for sh*ts and giggles, and the added cool factor.


I have a factory 2.1 TD comanche in the family...but it's not running properly since the head blew, and it is realistically not a great DD.

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