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Windshield wiper trouble

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I am trying to figure out why neither my wipers or my washer is not working. I have only hi and low speed and the sprayer which are all run off the blinker arm (I'm not sure what it is actually called). I jumped the wiper motor and it still works. Is there anything other than the switch that would make both stop? I was looking at the wiring diagram and it looks like they both share a ground, does anyone know where its grounded so I can check that? The truck is a 1987 with the 2.5 2wd if it makes a difference. I was thinking of just cutting the wires going to the switch and add my own switches, but i don't want to do that unless I am sure that is the problem, I will try bypassing the switch, but I'm not sure which wires to jump. Any help would be apreciated


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After lots of trouble shooting and headache I found that it was a rusty connection at the circuit breaker. If I would have realized which one was the circuit breaker I would have found it first thing, Its the metal box at the bottom of the fuse box, i would deffinitly check that for bad connection, if anyone else has a similar problem.

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