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connector pin/socket removal tool

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Anyone who is having electrical problems could probably use one of these tools. To remove the pins or sockets, just push the tool over them from the front of the connector until it bottoms out and pull on the wire while maintaining steady pressure on the tool. The pin or socket will pull right out. If the connector has a shield attached, remove it before trying to remove the pins.

the cheapest tool I have found is on ebay...item #230613327299. $4.99 with free shipping.

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You can get cheap ones like that at your local auto parts place... The good parts places anyhow. This is the kit I made them buy at work:


http://www.tooltopia.com/steelman-95978 ... =nextag_r1




Bit pricey sure, but better than the cheap plastic, and knurled aluminum handles for holding in small areas. With us and getting new cars once every 10 years, we always have the latest pain in the @$$ terminal ends... The micro64's are the worst...


Good investment.


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