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Fuse block woes

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This is what I did on Father's Day. All due to ignoring needed maintenance. My emergency brake was way out of ajustment and had been cutting out the radio briefly, when applied, until the other day, I finally shorted something out. You can see the severed wire that I repaired, severed by the E brake mechanism. The harness runs right behind the assembly. This is what I lost, stop lights, radio, interior lights, and clock. The severed wire supplied power to the part of the FB that carries the Haz/Stop fuse. It fried this fuse. There are no other damaged wires. Here's the confusing part: I blew the fusible link to the wire that supplies the part of the FB that supplies the ETR fuse. The only thing I can assume is that this was because they terminate together at the starter relay. Does this sound reasonable? I'd like to feel reasonably confortable that I won't be roasting my truck, sadly it's the only ride I have at the moment. Lucky the Comanche isn't toast I reckon. So, I spent most of the day running this all down with my meter(no visible damage to fusable link) and I hope I'm on the right track on repairs. No one had 18 guage fusable link in town today. Keep up with the small stuff is the moral of the story I suppose.

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