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Need Computer Help !!!


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Anybody out there know their way around inside a computer box? I have a problem.


My version of AutoCAD LT is out of date -- to the point that I can no longer exchange files with a client. Gotta bite the bullet and upgrade to AutoCAD LT 2007. But ...


... my hardware isn't up to the task. I have two choices: An aging Dell Dimension L600r, that's currently sitting in the attic because my wife swears it has a problem. Or a somewhat aging Dell Dimension XPS600r that was kindly given to me by a fellow MJer. The L600r has two memory slots and the info I can find says I shouldn't use more than 512MB total. The XPS600r has three slots and the same web site says it'll accept a maximum of 768MB.


AutoCAD LT 2007 requires a minimum of 512MB, and they recommend 2GB. The XPS600r currently has two 128MB DIMMs in place. I can add one more to get to 512, but to get to the 768 recommended max I would need to scrap the two 128s in there and buy three new DIMMs.


If I have to do that, it would make more sense to buy one or two with a higher capacity. But ... why do these memory web sites say that I can't use anything bigger than 256MB DIMMs in these boxes? What would happen if I threw in a 1GB module? Would it not see it? Would it blow up?


Any knowledgeable advice will be appreciated. It's been more than ten years since I did any tinkering inside a computer, and I am obviously hopelessly out of date at this point.



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it might not be the computer limiting the memory amount, rather the operating system. do you have any friends that have computers with 1gb of memory? if you do, you might be able to borrow some and stick it in just long enough to boot windows, or even get into the BIOS to see how much it sees. if you don't have any computer buddies, then can you bring it into a local computer shop or even a compusa to have them test it out (some place must have spare 512mb ram sticks. id gladly give you a hand if you were a teeny bit closer.


another thing to consider is the graphics rendering hardware AND software. I am assuming that so much memory is required because it is shared with the graphics. possibly running a graphics card in the AGP slot would help out. again, i don't know much about CAD programs...but maybe this helped a little.

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