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chrysler 8.25


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never came in an MJ


at least i've never heard of one.


the later ones that were 29 spline are considered decent... considering d44s are 30spline. itd be worth a lunchbox locker and gears maybe... probly not much more than that though. a truss would add to its' strength greatly.


earlier ones howevre were 27 spline and more like a d35 than a d44.

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The 29-spline version was introduced either mid-year 1996 or with the 1997 models. It is fairly close to the Dana 44 in strength, but it is a c-clip axle. If you want to stuff one under an MJ, it's probably not a bad swap. Heck, the Ford 8.8 is a c-clip axle, too.

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The Cryco 8.25 is a VERY good axle.

The housing is WAY strong, (3" tubes) bigger and beefer than even the D44's. But its got smaller brakes. (Same as D35)

Limited by 4:56 being tallest ratio avalible. Limited by the dismully small number of lockers avalible, and last but not least, its freaking expensive!!! The gear sets are at least 50% more, lockers at least 30% more.


Personally I wouldn't bother with a 27spl, unless it was aquired with all that you neded CHEAP. Although it IS A UPGRADE to the D35.


A 29spline is a very good axle. One good thing is that you can swap over your existing brakes from the D35. Say if you recently had a brake job. I would try to find one in the ratio you need and if necessary throw in a lunchbox locker.


Merry Christmas,


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