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hesitation under acceleration. Need some help

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Just got this MJ. Got it from a previous member here, seems like at times he had the problem too...


It seems that when accelerating, or holding a constant throttle position, it hesitates, surges a little...not quite bucking, but a mild version of bucking if you wanna call it that. It seems like the warmer it gets (engine temp and air temp) it gets worse.


My first thought was TPS. Just swapped that out..with a JY part mind you so theres a chance thats bad too. I just can't cough up $100+ for a new one.


Any kind of way to trouble shoot this other than throwing money at different sensors? I guess CPS is another possibility....


Is there any kind of diagnostic I can run on it?


Its an 88 4.0 5 speed. 2wd if that matters.




Also, whats the best method for testing a TPS. I have a multimeter I just don't get how I can probe the connections when its plugged in, short of splicing into the wire to make contact.

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Ended up being the o2. I tested the sensor and it was reading a constant 4v so took the shot and got a new bosch. Drove it a few miles up to full temp and seemed to be driving normal. It was worse when it was kinda hot this past week and tonight its a nice 60' outside so hopefully that solved it!


On a side note I'm sorta surprised that was it. Granted this was my first tank of gas through it but i managed about 18 mpg. I figured it would be a lot worse if the o2 was going out!

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