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The Parts Bin? Anyone buy from them?

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Need to buy some parts for the mj. I live on a small island and all we have is napa. Two outta three times I need somthing they don't have in stock and usally order the wrong part. Was checking online for parts store and came across these guys. Pretty good website gives you choices between brand names! I can choose between a Bosch or replacment brand cps! Just wonderin if anyone had experiance ordering from these guys. If it's going to be a headache I can just order through napa but would rather be able to pick my preference and order what I know I need. Shootz let me know fellas aloha.

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Ive never ordered from them, but several guys here have used rockauto.com with good results. Sounds like a very similar website.... a selection of brand names and great prices.


And what island are you on? I have a good friend of mine who recently built a house on Oahu as a contractor... he spent about 2 years there building that place before coming back home to north Carolina. I would love to visit someday. Any pics of your truck?

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