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91 MJ around NYC

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Been talking with this guy a bit. He sounds desperate to get rid of the truck. Said he would let it go for $500 if I came and got it today, but no way I'm taking off work for a rust bucket. Looks like it has some good, usable parts on it and a decent drive train, but given the extent of the rot on the body and frame, it's probably too far gone for me to consider it.




Nice tailgate, bench, and visor!

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Yea, I was mainly interested in the HO stuff. He also said there was only a little bit of rust on the bed so that had me interested, too. But then he posted pics and it's pretty far gone - much worse than any of the MJs I have. Now, if it had really nice bucket seats and a center console with column shift (is that even possible), I'd be on it.


Let me know if you do wind up getting it. I'd probably buy some parts off of you.

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He was a pretty flaky seller so I'd be surprised if anyone could have even bought the thing. I called on it last Thursday, April 14th and told him I could come up that Saturday but I wanted to at least see some pictures of the thing to make sure it wasn't a total basket case. Never got any pictures so I called on it again and he gave me the standard, "My phone broke because I dropped it in a puddle" excuse. He gave me his e-mail address and asked me to send him an e-mail so he got mine and he would send me pictures. Sent e-mail...nothing. Called him again and he said he would upload pictures to the CL ad and once he finally did that, I knew it wasn't worth the trip unless he would take $400 or less for it. I negotiated a bit with him on the phone, but the lowest I could get him down to was $600. Wasn't worth that to me since it didn't really have much going for it other than the HO stuff and the visor.

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