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SWB Bed. Rust Free! Greenville, SC. Going to be Crushed!

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This was at LKQ Greenville, SC last week. It's a '91 and the bed is beautiful...too nice to be crushed!! The truck came in on 1/18 so it's slated to be crushed within the next week or two. I think they want $150-$175 for the bed. I'd go back for it but I don't have the time.

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hi,can anyone verify if this bed is still available?i am 500 miles away in Virginia and could maybe go this weekend for it,thanks

I tryed to call but there phones where disconnected. I emailed them and said that there phone lines where messed up and they couldnt tell me if that truck was still there... I did this about.. beginning of this month, so it might still be there..

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