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Upper swaybar links

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My sway bar links were making a ton of noise. I tried to tighten them but the stud coming from the top of the links just spins. Are these broke? Is there a way to hold it still to tighten that nut?

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Any of the aftermarket discos will work.


Depending on the money you want to spend and how much you wheel your truck, stock might work


for a while...Problem is they will start to bend and eventually break like you have now.


Best bet, buy some for a 4" lift and be done, or if you can weld, weld 2 sets together to make a longer set.


Longer welded ones won't be discos, but as I said depends on how you wheel your truck.


Gone over many times before: no links= :wall: or worse XXX


Feelin lucky?

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