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Need T/C for 4x4 swap behind an nv3550

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My sender from the 2wd ax-15 has an electrical plug on it, making it and electronic sender right? would the xj sender plug right in?


I believe either 1996 or 1997 was the first year for the newer style of sender plug, so you would need a sender from an older XJ.

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Where is this clocking difference located? in the t-case or transmission?


Transmission, either you need to redrill the mounting holes to rotate the transfer case down some, or you will need to "modify" your floorboard with a hammer.


I hammered the hell out of my floor to get it to clear.

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looks like I'm gonna need a big hammer then,

Sir Sam- what transmission mount did you use? will the stock one work?


The mount is the same between the AX15 and the NV3550 XJ's, but there is a plate that bolts to the bottom of the transmission and that then bolts to the tranny mount, that is different than the ax15 plate, either make your own or consider buying that part new from Jeep.


I did not use that part in my application because with my engine swap my tranny sits back ~4" from where it is supposed to be.

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