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Odd vibration - U-joint/driveshaft questions

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I've been getting some vibration lately, both around 35-45 mph in 3rd or 4th, and 65+ mph in 5th. It only happens under load, in gear. Let off the gas, the vibration vanishes. Put it in neutral or clutch in, and I can rev without it vibrating at any vehicle speed. Transmission mount? :???:

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:agree: check U joints, :smart:

Also check Transmission mount & motor mounts, make shire all the rubber of the mounts look good, no cracks or splits

they are not that hard to swap out. support the trans W a floor jack & block of wood, then remove the cross member & Swap out the mount, same process for motor mounts

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Ok, so I've finally had a chance to track down some possibilities. The u-joint where the driveshaft connects to the rear axle has more play in it than I suspect it should. Time to go get a new one - what are the idiot mistakes to avoid when changing the u-joint? Should I be doing the U-joint at the tranny as well? It didn't seem like it had play, but why not change it while the shaft is out, right? Speaking of that... tips on pulling the shaft?


It all seems reasonably self-explanatory, but as I'm now in an apartment parking lot, instead of my carport at my old house, I'd like to be able to pull it apart and have it buttoned back up in one day.

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