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MY "only runs on starter fluid" MJ update

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Howdy all,


I'm not holding my breath but, I finally had a reasonably good day and borrowed a fuel pressure gauge for my "only runs on starter fluid" MJ. Actually, due to the results of my first test, I drove back to my napa store and swapped the first for another one. Same results. The meter didn't even budge. Nada Nil Zip...no pressure from my fuel pump. As before when I pressed the valve in the fuel port, gas was present. It just wasn't present with pressure.


So, I'm talking with a friend about my Jeep's problems and ordering a new pump and filter and he says he happens to have a fuel pump out of a '96 Cherokee sitting at his home.


Good folks that you all are here, I pose the question to you. Will this fuel pump work in my rig?


Thanks, many thanks to all of you for any and all of your help on this problem of mine. As soon as I able able I will get my ride back "off-road again". Kinda a twist to the old song. And then.... I can start tackling the other issues, but at least she'll run agin..

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