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Rear suspension is off

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A few weeks ago I was driving along and my right rear made a thump like I hit a pothole. I didn't hit anything, had no load in the bed, etc. Over these past couple of weeks I've been getting some weird driveline vibes, which I assumed must be a u-joint on its way out. My tires started wearing unevenly and quickly, which I couldn't figure out.


Today I was standing behind my truck smoking a cig and noticed that the driver side tire sits inside the wheel well about 1/2 inch and the passenger side sits outside the wheel well about a 1/2 inch. Crap. So now my rear axle is off center.


Looked for reasons and my passenger side shackle is just plain crooked. Pics follow.


What the hell did I do and will replacing the shackles fix it?




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I had to do the same. Sawzall metal blades - several of them.


It seems unlikely that the axle would have shifted laterally even

if the spring centering pin failed, because of the clamping force

of the torqued U-bolts. To confirm, I suggest measuring along

the top of the axle tube from outer U-bolt to break backing plate

to confirm same on both sides. I suggest also measuring from

the front leaf spring bushing back to the axle tube and see if

same on both sides. These should tell you if axle shifted relative

to leaf springs.


I also think it's most likely to be worn out spring and/or

shackle bushings. Contact me offline if you're interested in

a set of new OEM spring bushings. JKS makes really stout

shackles that have grease fittings. That way, twenty five years

from now, the next owner won't have to cut the bolts.

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I haven't really had a chance to take it all apart yet because of my current job search and having to swap the tranny on my father's commuter car. I did get a chance to peek underneath the truck and I still can't see anything worn out or broken other than the shackle being bent on the passenger side. The bushings seem good (as far as I could tell by looking and prodding). I have next weekend off so I"ll take it apart then and let you guys know.


Anyone wanna hire a recent Binghamton University MBA grad with very little experience?

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