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Help me search please


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Searched a bit. Looking for a good thread on 97+ dash conversion. I'm getting a 2000 interior including column with key and keyfob for power doors. Looking for what I need to pull from vehicle to make everything work.


Please help me with a good DIY thread, can't seem to find a good one.


Thanks, Jason

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You really need the whole rig. Checkout Ryan's build (1990 Rebirth), JeepCo's (utilitarian build), and shelbyluv's (onyx). You can also follow mine, but its not running.


Short list of what you will need:

Heater and AC box

Aluminum dash sub-frame

Interior wiring harness

Interior fuse panel

Engine harness with PDC


All engine sensors

Fuel pump and sender

Dome light (FOB receiver) and wiring back to main harness

AW4 brain if an auto


Being a 2000 it will have a cam sensor in place of the dizzy and coil packs. You will also need:

Coil rail

Camshaft position sensor


Intake and exhaust manifold

Throttle body


Its also a good idea to get the whole rig for mrsurements sake to get holes cut in the firewall correctly since not much is the same shape or in the same location. That an buying everything separately would cost a fortune and would take forever to obtain the right parts. Then it would be a guessing game to get it put together.

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