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A wiring question


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Good morning folks,


It seems I have myself a bit of an issue with my DD (a '94 XJ)


The blower motor speed selector switch kinda died. Not the end of the world, a couple bucks for a switch and yahoo. Where I ran into an issue is the plastic houseing holding the wires going to the switch basicly disintegrated when I pulled it off the old switch. :fs1:


Anyone have a picture handy of which wire goes where on the back of the switch? (wires and the female blade connectors are fine, and I don't have a replacement pigtail till my next trip to the JY)


I suppose I could pull the dash cover on my MJ and look, thats the plan if no one has the info. Just figured I would ask first. Evry time I take something apart theare is always the chance for things to go wrong, and I don't want to hurt my MJ. :D

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