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what more can happen


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just to vent a bit. i have been having alot of health issues since november. i've posted about my heart in the past. i had 2 heart attacks, that they know for sure as i was in the hospital in '02. my heart has gotten worseover the years. i have a rare heart heart disease that i was born with well actually 2.


anyway, i've been having so much trouble and been in and out of the doctors for the last few months. so it's now been decided my cardiomyopathy (week heart/damaged heart) has just gotten worse. i am also now in heart failure. i'm getting a bit stronger with some of the additional meds and getting a little better. man, i'm not sure how much more my body can take let alone my heart. it's going to be a long and slow recovery so i won't be doing much for awhile.


i'll live though. i have 4 kids and a wife so i have too. ;)


thanks for letting me complain

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