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HO vs. renix intake question

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This is Not about the manifold but the "intake pipe and filter"...

Is there a difference between the intake pipe and filter on the HO than the renix engine set up?


For example: Can I put a intake for a 1991'+ 4.0 on a 1990' 4.0 engine?


Isnt just a filter?

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"intake pipe and filterBox"?

Is it different between the HO & the renix engine set up? Intake pipe is different on the throttle body side. Renix 4.0 uses a flat flange W/ 3 bolts VS H/O 4.0 intake pipe uses a 3'' pipe W/ a hose clamp. as for the Filter box the only thing i see that is different is the 1 on the Renix 4.0 has two small vac lines on the back on the box. that the H/O 4.0 filter box dose not have. the filter them self are the same though.

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