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89 mj lighting issues

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First off i'd like to say hey to everyone since this is my first post. Just picked up a 89 mj and trying to fix some issues with lights before i can take it on the road.


I'm having issues with mainly the rear lights...............keep in mind my hazard lights work all the way around.


Issue 1: when parking lights are on one of the drivers side bulb filaments just barely lights up and the blue wire leading into the socket gets incredibly hot. Pulled apart the connector behind the drivers side rear wheel, tested and i get power to one of the wires coming from the cab when the parking lights are turned on. But all i know is my tester lit up......do not have an ohm meter to test nor do i know how to test for that.


Issue 2: I replaced the brakelight switch at the pedal and was able to get brakelights for a bit, then came back to it a few minutes later and now only right side brakelights work. Looking at the connector behind the rear wheel while hazards are turned on i get blinking power on 2 wires.........holding the brakes down i only get steady power to 1 wire.


Any input is appreciated cause i'm soo anxious to get this sucker on the road!!!

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Issue 1. The fact the wire gets hot tells you a bad connection. High resistance. Replace the light socket, I have cleaned them and got good results. Inspect it and see what you have.

Issue 2. Your going to have to start at the brake switch and run it out, using a test light, to find where your losing the power. I would suspect the turn signal sw in the steering coluum would be a prime suspect.

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