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Some of our own youtube carnage an fun.


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Hears a vid of my 2003 lifted Silverado 2500HD. it the sound of whats left of my 6.0L


Hers my buddy doing a 4wd burnout on a beater 95 Explorer. It was a parts truck for his other lifted explorer


This is a video of my last wheeling rig hammering a small mud hole. Its a 2001 Silverado 1500 long bed with a 4.3 v6, 5gear an 5in of lift. Holding the rev limmitor like its its job! haha


And this is a video of my Monte Carlos 305s last drive. Holding valve float trying to exploded the little 305c.i.

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Ya but my computer is getto an didnt like it haha. Figerd the links worked for now.


That an i know there not comanche vids but any gear hear i figred would like to enjoy them. I wish i have more vids of that 01 chevy silverado. I did some intresting an serious wheeling in that full size only sporting a 4.3 V6! Every 1 use to look at me like i was a retard with a lifted full size an a v6 haha. Untill thay saw my full throttle rev limmitor i don't car drive method! hahaha






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