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86 mj with a 2.8 ecm?

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so i got a 86 commanche long bed with a 2.8 and i don't know much about it its a 2.8 60 degree chevy v6 with a 5spd and a np 207 tcase and i have a ton of questions.....first does it have a ecm haynes manual says yes followin the wiring diagram and there is a small black box on the firewall the main harness runs into.....rats and ppl who have no electrical knowledge have destroyed this thing and I'm trying to make sense of it the broke the ignition out so i wired in a push start but the wire to the start relay is i believe cut or shorted somewhere i have no power to the coil but i get the clock in the truck to come on can roll it over by jumping the relay but still no coil power ? i am at a loss

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