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My new ride... sorta


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Well its not technically mine, it's my fraternity's, but I'm in charge of it.


this is the only pic I have, that is me, my fraternity brothers, and of course our firetruck

That is a 1937 Ford firetruck. It was in service for 60 some years and has been restored many times. Now it sports a chevy 350 mated to the stock non synchro gearbox.


Just figured I'd post it up cause it's friggen awesome

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Well a lot of Pike houses have them, although most don't actually run. If I remember right ours was donated to us from the Louisburg KS. fire dept. We've had ours for a while but I was just elected Fire Chief since I am an auto tech major. Anyway it means I get to drive the truck and maintain it. Learning to double-cluch this thing was interesting, but I've got it down now.


Oh yeah and the PTO pumps work and everything, I just have gotta get the siren working. 6v horn on a 12v system doesnt work so well, it might be fried but it makes a little noise now, so I might have to rebuild it cause its an antique.

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