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17 years & loving it


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Have had our issues :wrench: but we jamminz.gif . :hijack: by many but got on our soapbox.gif and proved them wrong :grrrr: . yeahthat.gif . work it out image_209027.gif . we ask for :help: from friends and we talk it out. :nuts: & :idea: . :thwak: or 2 maybe. umn.gif she maybe, but :dunce: I'm not... :typing: she my be better, but... :oops: :oops: I am not. :bowdown: The lord for her to marry me, :headpop: will never get the best of me... 8) she teaches... :oops: I be... :roll: or teenager will never be! ;) ;) I give her every day, :brows: she she tells me... :no: "I love your :nuts: :popcorn: I will ever be!

:typing: your every word I vowed to do, cause I love you.


:wall: we hit sometimes...but after 17 years we :doh: and work things thru :thumbsup: ...i may get :fs2: but make up you do :banana: image_209027.gifimage_209027.gifimage_209027.gif :rotfl2: :hmm: . You :rant: and get :grrrr: but :dunce: i'm not a :fool: we are not yeahthat.gif we keep :peek: :peek: ing :hateputers: and :hateputers: caues they are hard to operate...the umn.gif did not win her, cause I did... :thwak: they are :cry: an comanche.gif to feel better...so I praise my 17 years to all :jump: . I LOVE HER and She LOVE ME!

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