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'88 Pioneer


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okay, so i know that generally speaking there should be a price listed for anything in classifieds, but i don't have a price yet. what i do have, though, is a 1988 comanche pioneer 4cyl 4spd 2wd that i just towed home today. well, not home, its at my sisters house a few miles away. but in Titusville, Fl if anyones interested in taking a look. lets just say for now that illl take $800obo for it as it sits, but i would definitely clean it up a bit before handing it off. the driver side window is shattered, i thought it was just broken and wouldnt roll up, so when i took off the panel to see what the problem was, i found out that it is, in fact, the lack of a window :shake:

also, there is something wrong with the ignition (the reason why i towed it home from Orange City, Fl). my uncle was telling me (along with some of you) that i could just shove a screwdriver into the ignition switch to turn it over, but i just happened to have a uhaul dolly available to me until 7pm tonight so i went ahead and used it. ill post more pictures when i start cleaning and makin it more pretty-ful...but here's what i got so far....

(and i believe the mileage is 276,XXX ...its a lot, but this was a daily driver and has had a lot of parts replaced to keep it running. it belonged to my girlfriends dad, so even if he lied about that, my girlfriend would know the truth)

like i said, more pics to come...but i figured i would throw it on here to see if anyones interested. the entire bed is actually in great shape aside from a few dents and some surface rust, which, if it sits long enough, i will end up doing light bodywork to it anyways so if desired, this could be a perfect truck bed prepped and ready for paint

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