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doesnt even deserve to be tech....so its here!!


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are they the 2.5 inch wide ones???


will the actually net you 2 inches of lift or are the mj ones longer then the stock?


which did you go with? or will any with the 2.5 inch width work?


You certainly could build your own. Just do it smart, copy a big name brand!!


There are different styles of shackles. IE, YJ ones will not work as they have the both bushings in the frame. Yes cheby shackles fron 1500-2500's will work.


Rule of thumb with shackles. As they only lift one end of the spring, they need to be two times as long to get half the lift.


MJ shackles are about 4.5" long. So, to get two inches of lift from shackles alone, you would need a shackle that measured 8.5" long.

These measurements are from hole to hole OR eye to eye, get it??



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