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I am back


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I am back. For those that do not remember me I have an 88 MJ 2,5 AW4 (read got the stock 4.56 rear) which has been converted from 2wd to 4wd. Plan for it has always been to do a resto-mod, with most of the mods to the susp and drivetrain. I had to take a short sebatical(sp) due to funds and work but I have started back on the project with my son at my side. I have gutted the interior in prep for installing a new one, have added power doors and wired the windows but not the locks yet(seems like a lot of relay work), installing some buckets, have sealed and lizard skinned the floor, getting ready to install the cargo bed light. Also going to throw a cheap paint job on it and some bedliner when it gets warmer. Plan for a Posi-lock in future, maybe an XJ console and convert from column shift with non-tilt to floor shift with tilt.


I will be searching on here for some of the info to finish and here as a resource for the things I have already re-done 5 times so you won't have to.

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I remember him too. I think he was a real @$$ and could flame the hell out of people on here but usually refrained unless provoked.


But he drove an awesome MJ........at least he thought so.


Not I hear it is going to be much better.

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