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Just some 2.8 questions..

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I took my jeep for a spin in the dark this evening. Didnt find any nice tracks for 4wheelin so instead i made some real donuts on an abandoned parking lot in the forest jamminz.gif Just love this car!!


Anyway.. Been looking for a good 3.4L to throw under the hood, but they are pretty expensive and rare over here... 2000$ for a complete engine + customs + ca 1500km of driving (have to go to sweden)

So i wonder, have anyone here tried this weber carb kit:


http://www.racetep.com/jeepweb.html ??


I run a old scrapheap weber 32/36 from a 4cyl ford 2.0 at the moment and it gives me A LOT of top end power but little below 3000rpm. Actually it only chokes and misfire if i try to bottom the pedal at low rpm :mad:


Any toughts? Brand new carb that actually fits the engine (and hopefully give more power)and some minor engine repairs, or a used 3.4 that cost at least 4 times more, takes more time to install but gives me the benefits of injection and even more power?

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I have a friend in Greece who runs the Weber conversion on his 2.5L 4-cylinder Cherokee. He reports that it generates a lot more power than the old carburetor it replaced, which is similar in design to the one on your 2.8L. The Weber is a good carburetor ... I think it's worth trying it. Just be certain that the engine itself is in good condition before you convert. It would be unfortunate to spend the money for the conversion and then blow the engine.

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