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Renix 4.0 TPS, Manual vs. Auto (yes, I searched)

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The TPS on my '90 4.0 is on it's way out again. According to the forum searches I've done the A/T TPS can be used in place of the M/T TPS if you simply leave the 4 pin square plug disconnected. I consulted the FSM and it calls out TPS adjustment as 4.15V closed throttle for auto vs 0.85V closed throttle for M/T. If the sensors will swap wouldn't the auto TPS need to put out 0.85V closed throttle?

Anyone played with both sensors??

Also as an FYI I plugged in my spare 2.5 M/T TPS and probed it with key on engine off. It looks identical and closed voltage is pretty close but WOT is only 3.14V vs close to 5V for the 4.0

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The book says for automatic to do the adjustment using the four pin square connector.That is why the voltage reading difference. Just do the adjustment like the book says for the manual trans using the flat connector and you should be fine. I adjusted mine with an automatic trans by the book and on both my XJ and MJ and did not like the way they idled, did the adjustment procedure for the manual trans and they idle great and no problems driving.

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