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ok feels like the rear locker is loosened up,

now the transfer case whines loud

i drove the truck about 30 miles in 2wd no front ds installed

when i got back the transfer case was hot to the touch

any ideas what would make that happen?

it has fluid in it

when they put the ax 15 in they put a new 23 spline shaft in the transfer

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Naw, it has a pump. The oil is picked up by the pickup tube that sometimes


doesn't stay in the pump when the TC is put back together.


You don't necessarily have to mess with the pump, but the whole assy is


removed when the input gear is installed.


Could it have happened when the 23 spline was put in? Absolutely.


How hot is hot?


Does the fluid look or smell burned?


I'd take it back to whoever fixed it before, make them fix it right.

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i drained the transfer this mornign and filled it with lucas tranny no slip,ran it over to ryans house to grab a few parts he had for sale, a new transfer being one. when i got there i checked and it was hot but not to hot to touch like it was before.on the ride over 5th gear was lagging really bad had to run 4th the whole way,on the way back whatever was stuck or binding must have come lose as i finally hit 5th gear and was running about 70. i have no idea what was bound it was in shop last week, they replaced the transmission in stalled lockers front and back, 4.10 gears front and back, and the shaft in the transfer,maybe all the new stuff was all tight and replacing it all at once was bindiing,maybe they tightened something to tight and it wore loose idk, but it seems better now. gonna drive it some tomorrow and see how it does

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