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J20 hubs

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I need a set of hub adapters for a 1977 J20. These are the aluminum thingys that bolt to the front hubs and the lock out, or regular hubs bolts to them. Primarily I want to know what makes and years of other trucks will fit as I'm sure that they will fit more than just Jeep. And or if you have a set your willing to part with, let me know. Jim

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If only there was a parts wanted section... :D



A '77 J20 has a D44 front with 8 lugs. A J10/Wagoneer/Cherokee has a D44 with 6 lugs. The FSJ's I have had apart had no factory adapters. The hub goes on the spindle the rotor goes on the hub. The rim gets bolted on. No adapter. This is pretty much the way for most front axles.


If someone is feeding you info on what how to convert your FSJ 6-lug to 8-lugs, the parts from many more years and donor vehicles would fit. Are you looking for an after market adapter to change lug pattern?

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I do not want to convert on this one. I have a '75 J20. That's the one been the center of attention here the last couple days. The hub adapters are missing. Long story, Don't ask. I have a '77 J20 with the adapters. I have been switching them between the two as needed but that is a PTB so I am trying to locate another set. I am confident that International, Dodge etc will interchange, maybe. It's just knowing which models, years.

This is what I have, 1975 J20

This is what I need, 1977 J20

This is the FSJ If I could make it work I would.Er,,Wud.

I believe there was a adapter that slid over the axle shaft and bolted to the hub, making the axle permanently locked. If I could find a set of them It would do.

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A drive slug flange kit would permanently lock it. A lockout kit (as shown in the 2nd photo down) is what I believe your looking for; which is specific to that hub.


I did cross-reference an aftermarket set (Warn) and it looks like at least the Warn brand works with all J-10, J-20, and IH 1/2 Ton Pickups & Travelalls. I know the J-10 and J20 hubs from the factory are interchangeable; but do not know if the IH factory one's would bolt on to your hub or not.


The Warn one's are about $85/side a kit if you decided to wanted to go that route. I do have them sitting on the shelf...


A drive slug flange kit you'd be looking at like $225 for a kit for both sides.


As far as what other parts (used) would work I do not know if the IH parts would bolt upto the J-10/J-20 hubs or not.



EDIT: The Warn Part number also shows they work with Chevy/Dodge/Ford. So I believe your assumption is correct that factory OEM parts should interchange.

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