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cluster swap

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ive got everything off and ready to go but i can't get the speedo cable off. i don't see how you guys fit your hands up in there. ive tried every little hole i could sqeeze my hand into and nothing. ive read past posts and got the jist of doing it but i guess I'm not doing something right. i don't want to just jerk the damn thing out but I'm really getting to that point :headpop:

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got mine out fine and went to get the donor, took two minutes to get out after i knew what to do, and the damn thing is the clip style :fs1: so i had to throw mine back in just so i can drive it to work this week. i guess ill have to make a trip to the jeep graveyard in memphis. today however i did find a gold mine of 97s through 01 cherokees. thats all the guy would buy and theres a $#!&load of em. can you say front end conversion + front/rear axle swap :brows:

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