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I failed pa inspection and emissions lol need help

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So i failed the inspection due to cracked brake lines. and I failed emissions barely. He told me to do a tune up now my questions are what kind of plugs should i get? wires and cap and rotor? cheapy or expensive ones. also has anyone changed the brake lines up front before if so wheres a good place to buy the parts.

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I just got the middle-range stuff from my local NAPA for my tune-up and it all worked fine. Better than the ancient stuff on there, so it was good enough for me. General opinion here seems to be avoid Fram oil filters and platinum plugs - apparently they don't play nice with the 4.0. I've never used either, so YMMV. :dunno:


Brake lines, I would think any competent auto parts store would have both the rubber lines and the hard ones if you need them. Like I said, I've had good luck with NAPA, but Autozone was the only local place with a clutch master cylinder when I needed it. Shop around.

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Might want to think about changing your O2 sensors before your next emissions test. Go with Wix oil filters also,,,and yes regular plugs, no platinum plugs because they'll foul in no time at all - in practically any engine.


You'd have no brakes at all if you had cracked hard lines...a cracked hard line will fail under the brake system's hydraulic pressure. If you're running stock height or a small lift, I'd replace your soft lines with YJ brake lines. There just a few inches longer that stock MJ lines. They're easy to replace, then you just have to bleed the brakes afterward.

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